Nordvarg work agency

People are our passion, development is our way and the success is our aim.

About us

The Nordwarg agency was established as our response to the growing demand for international recruitment. We currently provide a wide range of services in the field of human resources management. We support the development of enterprises, among others through business and HR analysis, consulting, training.

One thing has not changed: international recruitment remained our specialty and main field of activity.


It started with a social meeting of old friends over coffee: a personal adviser – specialist in international employment and posting of employees; trainer; work coach and psychologist.

Sharing experiences of working in Poland and Scandinavia we came up with an idea – let’s build something together.

Before Nordvarg as you know it, we’ve prepared dozens of strategies. Ideas appeared, they gave up new and better solutions. Thanks to you, we observe how each of the echanges has helped to create a stable and effective system of recruitment solutions.

We create the future together.

Our mission

The development of the international community through the development of strong, independent individuals.



Clear rules

We consider credibility as the basis for successful cooperation, which is why we focus on a transparent and simple message. This allows our candidates to easily find the right offers, and for entrepreneurs to quickly and accurately verify future employees. Creating cooperation, we require only reliable information about: customer plans and needs, employee capabilities and talents, and our commitment to clear communication between the parties effectiveness. Thanks to this, our candidates easily find suitable job offers, and entrepreneurs quickly and accurately select future employees.



We focus on a high standard of service and comfort for both employees and employers. We share our knowledge and experience. From a wide range of services, we choose those that respond directly to your needs. We operate through cooperation, thanks to which both parties can effectively achieve assumed results and develop their potential. Only strategic action allows you to get long-term benefits.


We play fair

We are proud that through our activity we help find the perfect workplace and influence the development of enterprises. We are aware of the responsibility that goes with it. That is why we are particularly concerned about building shared responsibility and the employee’s sense of identity with the company.


Sustainable development

HR is our passion. Approaching employment with heart, we pay attention to the ethical framework for business development. We value cooperation with enterprises supporting employee rights, the environment, social campaigns and anti-corruption behavior. We nurture relationships based on the resources and aspirations of our clients so that together we create an environment of better, full of healthy entrepreneurial culture. We believe in the development of society in line with the development of the talents of its members.

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