What do you gain by choosing Nordvarg?

Clear rules, quality, integrity, sustainable development.


Optimization of the recruitment process

  • Professional demand analysis
  • Knowledge of the local and the international law and the labor market
  • Comprehensive service for companies – reliable employees
  • Strategic view of business goals
  • Cooperation built on our knowledge and your needs
  • Quick meeting of staffing needs
  • A growing network of recruitment services

Saving time

  • We present the candidate’s profile in a reliable and clearway
  • Together with the candidate we prepare a set of documents required to start cooperation
  • Electronic documents provided at the time of signature
  • Mutual appointment and departuredate
  • Verification of required certificates before the candidate’s recommendation

Quality of candidates selection

  • A strong recruitment team is constantly expanding and updating CV databases
  • Precise verification of qualifications thanks to own diagnostic systems
  • Verification of references before presenting the candidate
  • Material validation
  • Innovative solutions geared to long-term benefits
  • Your opinion counts – your feedback allows us to increase our efficiency

Openness to challenges

  • Flexible solutions tailored to your business
  • Creating coherent teams based on the organization’s visions
  • Openness to niche industries and positions
  • Constant contact enabling adaptation of changes during the recruitment process
  • We are open to contact also outside of office hours

Employment in 3 easy steps

Statistics show that 80% of employee turnover and costs results from inadequately recruited. That is why more and more companies use professional HR services.

1. Make yourself known.

Ananalysis of the individual needs and environment of the company allows us to prepare a set of the most important selection criteria and required characteristics of the candidates.

2. Choose from the best.

Using the resources of our database and direct search methods, we have checked the specialists available to you. A clear candidate profile will help you easily learn the employee’s qualifications and competences, and make a decision.

3. Suggest a day to start cooperation.

We will arrange a date of arrival together. Leave the employee preparation to us. We provide candidates with support in official, administrative and housing matters. We remain involved in communication between the parties throughout the duration of the contract.

Nordvarg - Employment Agency