Why work in Scandinavia?

High wages, stable employment and excellent working conditions.

Work in Norway is easier than you think.

Norway is consistently on the podium of the happiest countries in the world (UN World Happiness Report 2019). Thanks to an exceptionally stable economy, it also ranks second on the list of the best European countries for business (ECR 2019). As a result, more and more investors are moving production to its area.

The growing labor market gladly welcomes Poles. Invariably, Poles have been the most numerous group of foreigners for years. Lithuanians and Swedes came second and third, with Poles outnumbering twice. In Oslo alone.

Why is Norway enjoying growing popularity among our compatriots?

The average salary in Norway in 2018 is NOK 45,570 per month (PLN 20,300). Only the Swiss earn more in Europe. DNB Norwegian National Bank predicts an increase in average pay of around NOK 17,000 a year in the coming years.

Not only extremely high rates, but also a peaceful safe life encourage our compatriots to work in Norway. Scandinavian countries are known for their excellent health and social care.

Social benefits and taxes

Selected information on social benefits and taxes in Norway.

Feriepenger - holiday pay

The Scandinavian system obliges the employer to pay contributions in the amount of 10.2 to 14.3% of the gross monthly salary, i.e. holiday pay. Feriepenger is paid out once a year – usually in June or July – before the holiday season. In the event of termination, the employee may apply for feriepenger with the last payment.

The statutory minimum premium for feriepenger is 10.2%. Many employers use a contractual rate of 12%. In addition, employees over 60 years of age are entitled to an additional 2.3%

Kildeskatt - withholding tax

The latest tax regulations in Norway have made it easier for foreign taxpayers who are not Norwegian tax residents.

Persons who have not exceeded the continuous period of six months of work and contract employees staying in Norway for shorter periods during the year are automatically accounted for with a lower tax rate – 25% regardless of the amount of income.

Tax refund

For the first two tax years, all foreign employees are entitled to a tax credit of 10% of gross income, which, after settling the year, the surpluses paid by employers are returned by the office to the employee’s account.

Regardless of the length of stay and employment, people who have registered in Poland can settle accounts through so-called Pendler status by deducting the costs of traveling home, renting an apartment and daily allowance from tax.

The tax system also includes other discounts for parents of children under 18, borrowers and many more.

Barnetrygd - family allowance

Norwegian employment and social policy office – NAV pays parents a family allowance for each child under 18 years of age. The only requirement for those paying social security contributions is a common address.

Barnetrygd can be taken simultaneously with parental benefit.

Foreldrepenger - parental benefit

Young parents employed in Norway are entitled to parental benefit. It divides between the time devoted to the child by the mother, father and both parents.

The collection period for the mother begins 3 weeks before the estimated date of delivery. Mødrekvote (maternity allowance) must collect the first 6 weeks after delivery and an additional 9 (100% rate) or 13 weeks (80% rate) to be picked up on the date chosen by the mother.

Fedrekvote (paternity benefit) lasts 15 weeks (100% rate) or 19 weeks (with 80% rate).

In addition, parents are entitled to a joint fellesperiode of 16 week sat 100% rate or 18 week sat 80% rate.

Kontantstøtte - care allowance

Parents of children aged 13-23 months who do not use a public nursery are entitled to an additional care allowance of NOK 7,500 per month.

Frequently asked questions

We present the most frequently asked questions before starting work in Norway.

What are the average earnings in the Scandinavian countries?

The average salary in Norway is NOK 45,570 per month (PLN 20,300). Below are the minimum hourly rates in popular industries:

Construction services – NOK 209.70
Electrical services – NOK 217.63
Cleaning services – NOK 187.66

How long is the journey?

The easiest way and often the cheapest way to reach large Scandinavian cities is by plane. Flights with cheap airlines usually close in amounts from 50 to 100 PLN. For example, to Oslo we can fly from as many as 10 cities in Poland, and the flight time will not exceed 2 hours.

For a longer trip, it is recommended to travel by own car. A large part of the route is covered on board the ferry across the Baltic Sea, which allows the driver and passengers to rest. Ferries from Trójmiasto to Sweden are recommended, or a journey from the Danish port of Hirtshals, which is conveniently reached by German highways.

Do I need to know Norwegian?

Scandinavians are famous for their perfect knowledge of English, which they learn from an early age. In addition, Norway has two official languages – Norwegian and English.

How long can I work in Norway?

EEA citizens do not need a work permit, so they can stay in Norway for an indefinite period. After 7 years of permanent residence, you can apply for a Norwegian passport.

Is an employee visa required?

Citizens of Poland and other EEA countries are authorized not only to cross the border, but also to take up employment only by having a Polish ID card. Regardless, it is recommended to use the passport as an international document.

What does social support look like?
How many hours per week can I work?

The standard working week in Norway is 40 hours a week. According to the law a person employed can do 10 hours a week overtime which like evening and night hours is additionally paid.

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